Get a Startup Job Offer in London.
In 28 days.

A downloadable pack with clear daily actions,
tips from recruiters, and ready-to-use templates.

London Startup Jobs


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if you don't get an offer in 28 Days.

Here’s our plan that will land you to your dream job in a London Startup.

  • 28-Day Action Calendar
    Specific actions for each day, supported by templates and tools.  
  • Your Applications
    An editable template for you to manage your applications and follow-ups.
  • Salaries & Titles
    Startup job market insights to help you target the right role.
  • ​​Job sites
    Best sites to use while applying to UK startups.
  • ​Interview Questions
    Most frequently asked interview questions and best answers.
  • ​CV-Maker Apps
    Best CV-Maker applications out there to save you time.
  • ​CV Quality Checklist
    Pre-flight checklist to make sure your CV is outstanding.
  • ​3X Cover Letter Templates
    Cleverly & professionally written for you to use.
  • ​5X Follow-up Templates
    Cleverly & professionally written for you to use.

    How it works?

    The 28-Day Action Calendar has specific goals and detailed instructions for 28 days.

    This guide is a product of
    which is London's #1 resource about startups and founders with a reach of over 300,000 people.

    Who is this
    Action Pack right for?

    It is designed for people who want to find a startup job in London or UK, regardless of their current place of residence, experience, or skill level.

    You can learn, improve and do it with our guidance.

    Follow it to the letter and you will get results.

    • New Graduates
    • Engineers & Developers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Marketing & Sales Professionals
    • Finance Professionals & Accountants
    • Operation Managers
    • Data & Business Analysts
    • Legal Professionals
    • Customer Service Professionals
    • Product Managers
    • Recruiters

    User reviews 

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Nasriya Mbarouk

    It’s very competitive in the job seeking world and this guide gives an upper hand and an advantage in securing more roles. This plan would be very useful for people who are struggling to find a job, or for those who want to change career paths. It makes the job hunting process less daunting and gives you practical advice in improving your chances of getting a job.

    Jamie Macwhirter Lewisham

    So much of the job hunting process, from writing CVs to preparing for interviews, can seem mystifying to people starting out. This product shows you where to start and how to apply with confidence that you are selling yourself as well as possible. It is ideal for someone looking for a one-stop shop to get started looking for work at a London based startup.  

    K. Patel

    This is actually really good, very well organized, easy to read and follow. Provides some good insight into where to look and how to start applications for startup jobs. It is great for graduates and people beginning their careers.
    Best part is probably the templates, sometimes it is hard to start up writing applications for jobs or where to begin so a template can help guide you.

    28-Day Action Plan.
    Only £28
    for students.

    Are you dreaming to get a job in a London startup
    but don't know where to start and how to keep going?

    Here is our 28-Day Action Plan which will guide you
    to land that super cool startup job.

    Have more questions?

    How do I know this will create results/offers for me?
    This is a tried and tested model. It is created with the expertise of high-level professional recruiters, and with consultation from people who make hiring decisions in the London startup ecosystem.
    How do I start using?
    Complete your order to receive your introduction email with clear instructions.
    How does it work?
    You will receive a private invite to an Airtable documents, which is like a better version of Microsoft Excel, that can be accessed with just a browser from all your devices and anywhere in the world. This is your "base". In your base, you have 9 tabs, each with a specific purpose.
    If you don't feel comfortable using the Airtable, we have also prepared an excel version of the 28-Day action plan. When you order the plan you will get a downloadable link for the excel version via email.
    How often do I need to access my base?
    As detailed in the 28-day action plan,  you need to make a shortcut to this base in your browser, and access it for instructions everyday for 28 working days.
    Can I make edits and create my own base?
    Yes, we will show you how you can create your own editable base, using ours as a template. You are 100% free to edit as you like.
    Will you have access to the information I write in my base?
    No. It is hosted on Airtable and is 100% private to you. We don't see any data at all, other than what you provide to us during the purchase.

    Once you download the action plan,
    you will get full access to an editable copy.

    We are happy to offer a full refund,
    if you are not satisfied with the action plan.

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